True Balance helps leaders to quickly detect operational blind spots, missed opportunities
and take effective actions to accelerate business outcomes.


Organizational Discovery

Changes across the stakeholder network have consequences, impacting  everything from strategies, business model to products, services, processes and talent. A continuous process of discovery across your extended enterprise will help detect blind spots before they turn into costly surprises. Learn more

Gap Analysis

On-going Organizational Discovery yields insights to be analyzed for alignment gaps, talent gaps, and performance gaps. Conducting detailed Root Cause Analysis makes it possible to design effective remedial action plans. Learn more

Action Planning

Planning and implementing action plans with clear objectives and success criteria, coupled with leadership collaboration and buy-in on key priorities, will increase the performance of the organization. Learn more

Track Outcomes

Monitoring and measuring results from each initiative and communicating those results  establishes a culture of high-performance. Superior performance begets success, and success inspires superior performance.


Leadership Transition

The first priority of a new leader is to assess the organization as quickly and accurately as possible in order to formulate and implement changes. True Balance permits comprehensive evaluation of the entire stakeholder network. The resulting insights facilitate the development of clear strategies and focused action plans. Learn more

Mergers & Acquisitions

Clearly understanding the dynamics of an organization (and its value chain) before attempting to integrate it with another is critical to success. Many mergers and acquisitions fail because they focus purely on operational integration, without regard for the different cultures, histories, talent, and emotions. True Balance can reveal potential sticking points ahead of time, facilitating better planning, decision making, and smoother transitions.

Private Equity

Financial engineering is no longer sufficient to guarantee the necessary returns on an investment. Attaining superior performance and increasing the value of an organization starts with clarity about the value drivers and risk drivers. Implementing a focused action plan that harnesses the talent, culture, and products of the company is key to maximizing value.

Business Turnaround

Successful business turnarounds require baseline information about what works and what does not. From there, Root Cause Analyses of what’s not working makes it possible to create concrete change plans to get companies get back on track.

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